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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Annoyed doesn't even begin to describe my feeling right now

Truth be told, I read lots of YA books. Not all of them are good, most of them will NOT be classics. [fact is, in the YA genre you can find a mash up of as many genres and you'd like- from Sci Fi, fantasy & romance to horror, thrillers and contemporary that will teach you a valuable lesson].

But claiming that a book is inferior because it is directed to a younger audience, is complete bull shit and patronizing. Sorry, but as far a literary fiction (for adults) go- there is just as much garbage. 

In the end it is not the audience but the author, the story and the quality of writing that determine just how good a book really is. No matter it's audience, almost each book has the potential to break your heart or lift your spirits.

So reading an article like this one, well, that's just disappointing


On a private note- The examples she gives (Like the Fault in Our Stars & The Perks of Being a Wallflower), if this is all she read in the genre I can see why she's not impressed. But her lack of ability to find good reading material does is something she has to deal with. 
A friend of mine claims that more often than not she does not like a book written in the NA genre, well, that didn't (and still does not) stop her from browsing through them. She found a few favourites