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Here, Jessica tries to save her mate. Escorted by two vampires, two werewolves and one angry human, Jessica sets out to save Rourke from one sadistic and vengeful goddess.

May I just say I LOVED this book.

There is a fair share (the lion's share) of world building here. We encounter demons, bats, mermaids (of sorts), spiders, ants, magic, and a little witch's potions. Furthermore, we learn of the system- the hierarchy between the sects and who controls and enforce laws on all the sects, we also learn how one achieve the status of a goddess. There is more character development as we get to know some of them better.

There is lots (!!) of action, for those of you that like fighting scenes, some hard decisions are made and some new alliances are forged.

There are only few things to complain about, but complain I shall-

First of all, the romance; Jessica and Rourke had a brief encounter before he was kidnapped. Thus their relationship didn’t develop much. As the whole book si about saving him from the goddess, you can guess how much development can possible be here (almost none).

Secondly, while I appreciate information and good dialogues as much as the next person. When a killing scene takes too long because everybody is too damn busy with talking you can guess how irritating this might become.

Thirdly, in case you find yourself not liking this book and consider a drinking game- each time someone threatens to kill someone else you are most welcome to drink. Considering, of course, that you'll take small gulpes or you have a high tolerance for alcohol. Another option is drinking each time someone threatens to kill the human. Or whenever a vampire says that something is impossible to achieve. Both will get you happily drunk quite fast, so still don't use a strong drink.

One thing I really lived is that we learn more about the prophesy and that Jessica grows into her own power.

A review copy was kindly provided by the publisher through NetGalley. Thank you!