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Just the cutest ever

Geek with the Cat Tattoo - Theresa Weir

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Since this is a short one, I'm gonna keep it short (I'm also trying to learn to control the length of my reviews so yay me :P)

This is the story of geeks Emerson and Lola and one special cat named Sam. And, IMO, it is one of the sweetest love stories I had the 
pleasure to read [and I do plan to read more books by Teresa Weir.

First of all, the writing is quite simple but still I found it held some magic. It was so easy to imagine everything, almost like a movie.

The sense of humor, and the love for cats and music only made this more vivid and cute. 

Besides, a love story between to geeks…need I really say more? Yes? Well how about shy geeks?

It was just so cute, and gentle, and it's no wonder they say geeks make the best husbands. And Sam's voice (the cat) was just so funny and scarcastic and cat like I kept laughing. He really added spice to this whole story…is he up for adoption?!

I can only say, READ IT! [if you love cats that is…]

a review copy was kindly provided by the publisher through NetGalley. Thank you 

This book is such a short sweet read, with one of the cutest love stories ever (Lola and Emerson are both so dorky and geeky it's just sweet)