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Bonjour Cherie - Robin Thomas

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Bonjour Cherie is this cute short story romance that has a bubbly heroine's voice. Beth, with her obsession to all things french and her foolish determination, is hard not to love.


However, that and the guy's niceness are the only thing I liked about this book. 


Yes, it has funny moments but as times it dragged too long (which says a lot for a short story)


Yes, the wrap up was nice and the author didn't go overboard with anything, but....For such a short read it failed somewhere very important to me- characterisation and love. 


All the characters are exactly what they appear to be from start, there's nothing to be explored about them. 


Also the whole thing happens in about 2 weeks, and yes, some people might fall in love in such short a time. But when the story ended with 'I love you's I couldn't help but being suprised. 


They didn't date, they barely talked and all of sudden they said they loved each other. WTF?!


What the Fuck?


because I didn't  feel  the love. Yes, there was attraction. Yes, they liked each other (So what? I like my neighbour *NOM NOM NOM*), and there was something- something that just might develope to love if given enough time. But it wasn't there yet!


In conclusion- while it was OK, while it was good I can't help thinking there are better. 


*A review copy was provided to my by Escape Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.