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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Words Once Spoken - Carly Drake

Today was my final and last attempt to read this book. 

I'm giving up. 

*looks at what I just wrote* I hate giving up. really, I do. 
I'm good at negotiations but when I want something it's all or nothing. 

The thing is that this book has all the cards as to why I would WANT to read it. 

a) gorgeous cover- he who judges a book by it's cover is a lucky bastard. and I don't care what others think. As a bookseller I can tell you- this cover is a winner. 

b) the plot- It has the right elements. fantasy, love, arranged marriage and a girl as stubborn as hell. 

Then why doesn't it work? WHY?! 

The writing. I simply can't handle the writing. It has done nothing bad to me, but once in a while I run into a book that I simply can't handle it's writing. What plot? Did I read something? I can't go past the first chapter because I'm blocking the writing. 

Sorry book, it's me. just me and my weird brain. I wish you a happy life...

A copy was provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Which is exactly what makes it so hard- I'm DNFing this one. I'm thankful to the publisher for giving me a chance. I am. and I am terribly sorry.