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What She Didn't know (Though I have to say she guessed very well)

What She Didn't Know - I. Ronik

3.5 I really liked it stars

So this one is way better than the other book I read by I. Ronik [Better Luck Next Time]

All the things that bothered me in the first one weren't here (save to one). This book was full if good stuff - Cassie's voice was sure and likable but also a little sarcastic, the chemistry was good, the writing style was better- with both Cassie's and Seth's POVs. 

What I liked about the other book was still very much present here- the rational voice of the heroine, the hot sex, and the fantastic twist on the overwrought plot. 

Then what bothered me? everything is wrapped up fast and neat, and even though I'm a huge supporter of HEA I found it a little disturbing, but maybe that's just wanting more of the story? (*cough* FULL LENGTH NOVEL *cough*).

Also, I want to feel more- feel the love dripping from the pages. I tend to be a cold, disconnected person at times. So I need to be convinced of how deep the feelings really are. And it almost happened here. 

however, I think I. Ronik is an author to watch for her ideas are great! 

A review copy was kindly provided by the author through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


This review also appears on my blog, The Accidental Reader;http://thebkreader.blogspot.co.il/2013/12/what-she-didnt-know-by-i.html