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The Trouble with Mojitos

The Trouble with Mojitos - Romy Sommer


So apparently this is the second book in a series, but fear not, you don't need to read the first book in order to enjoy this one. I say that from experience. 


This story begins with a prolog that tells the story of how the island Tortuga came to be abandoned. A princess came to the island of Los Pajaros to marry it's governor, but once she arrived she met a pirate and the two fell in love and ran away together to Tortuga, the governor chased them but when he failed to retrieve his bride he cast a spell on the island, a curse that says that those that come to Tortuga would suffer from misery and a horrible death.


Now, I don't know what about you, but when I hear Pirates, Curse, Romance and the Caribbean my imagination runs wild (The Pirates of the Caribbean wild).


Even so, I'll have to warn you: This is a nowadays romance story, which means that despite it's very original beginning the Curse and the Pirates play little part here.


But you know what? The Caribbean plays big part here, and was it beautiful! But before I start raving and stop to make sense I think I should go to the beginning.


Kenzie Cole is a thirty-something single, beautiful, talented location scout that needs to find some locations to an upcoming film production. Kenzie has been through a lot in life- really, I thought her problem was some relationships with bad boys go wrong. But I didn't expect what actually happened.  


Rik is a thirty-something exiled prince (exiled on his own decision) after living his entire life in a lie- grooming himself and dedicating himself to his country and position as king he learns something that changes his life forever. Now he spends his time in Los Pajaros drinking himself to oblivion, looking like a pirate and a bad boy and mourning his lost life. His secret is not surprising.


The two meet when both drink in a bar, and strike a deal that Rik would help Kenzie with her locations scouting. The electricity between them is high, and the attraction is almost tantalizing. Soon, a Caribbean romance begins. As in every book, they think it would be only for a short while but they find forever. 


The big question is: what makes this book a 4 stars book? First of all the writing. Sommer's writing is light, funny and well done.  Her descriptions of the Caribbean- the weather, the sun, the sunset, the smell, the wine, the trees and the turtles is so rich you can see it in your mind's eye. I haven't though much of the Caribbean as one of the places I must visit before, and now I do!


The sexual tension and the sex scenes are an added bonus. As well as the fact that some of the usual drama is avoided- there is not even once something like "you want me for me money and my title" and it was so very refreshing.


Closer to the end there's a little drama that shows just how much Kenzie had been through, and you know what? Rik didn't flinch, he chased her, he accepted her, he supported her and he loved her. And what a chasing scene that was! I wish for a flash mob and exotic flowers too! Sommer knows how to write her HEAs perfectly.


Also Sommer surprises with Kenzie's best friend Lee, and each chapter has a tweet. Some are really funny: 

"@KEnzieCole101: in most fairy tales the bad boy turns into a prince. Just once I'd like to kiss a prince and have him turn into a steady dependable guy"


Yes, this book is falling to some tropes of the genre- the love interest is rich, there are secrets, and the immediate attraction as well as the fact that they fall in love within a week's time, even the ever so perfect HEA. But it never claimed to be different, it just promised me a good time and a smile and it delivered that promise.


So, as I already said- if you want to read light romance that would keep a silly smile on your face with exotic setting and likeable characters (don't forget the sex) this is your book! it even had it's funny moments (and tweets!)


An ARC was provided by HarperImpulse through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


Some favourite quotes (because I like to share):

"She was done with men who needed fixing. Besides, her plane ticked was booked for three days from now. That wasn't enough time to fix whatever was broken with Rik My-Name-Doesn't-Matter. Even if she hadn't already had her fill of bad boys"


"Three times she had already got it very, very-wrong, and no one ever said 'fourth time's the charm"


"This morning you said you'd do anything to see me shirtless in public. Your wish is granted."


*Original pre review*

and THIS is how you write a HEA (including a wonderful chasing scene)

full review to come soon, but just so you'll know right now: if you want to read light romance with exotic setting and likeable characters (don't forget the sex) this is your book! it even had it's funny moments (and tweets!)