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A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality - Joseph Nicolosi So here is the deal-

Everyone has the right to be who they are, it's their birthright.

And you know what? We as society should accept that, support that and if we don't agree keep it to ourselves!

Because different may not be something we know or understand but it still exist and has the right to.

When people fail to accept fact that someone is just who he/she is we send a bad message that make said oerson not accept themselves.

And I'm sorry, but life is going to leave enough scars as is, I don't think we need to add life in that.

Also- think of that, in some ancient societies one's sexual preferences were accepted as they were.

For some reason I keep on thinking of the movie "but I'm a cheerleader" hmmm....that was a good one. Go watch it instead of reading this book.

And on a personal note- some of the dearest people to me are gay. I don't need another thing to hurt them/mess with their heads/ make them doubt themselves. I just don't.

If I could, this could have been a book I would have banned.

Move on!