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Graceling - Kristin Cashore let me start with saying it was good book. a very good book. fast paced, the characters were great, i loved Po, and Kasta, and the chemistry between them. Kasta was cold, realistic, kind, practical and although being strong for a while she was under the control of her uncle, doing things she didn't want to do because he told her to, being his pawn. in a way she feared her ability (and i liked the suprise Cashore had for us about it). i loved the plot, and the way Kasta was able to go against the antagonist and end everthing. what bothers me is the way Kasta didn't want kids and how she viewed her own gender, almost loathing women and how she was at first a bit scared that her relationship with Po would weaken her. i'm sorry, but in order to be a strong female you don't have to deny your female side, wear pants and act all manly. loathing your own gender doesn't make you strong. there are diffrent types of strong. loving girly things, being gentle, feminine, liking jewlery doesn't make you weak. a strong woman, in my opinion, need to accept all that she is, be true to herself and go after her passions, making no apologies for who she is. another thing is Kasta's view of marriage as somtheing that tames you, making you belonged to a man, his property. marriage is partership, it's not supose to limit you and take your freedom, not in the way Kasta views it. but it is a great book none the less, and Kasta is charming in her own way, complicated and wonderful.