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Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater Let me start with - "when you see a book and have the feeling that it might not suit you after reading the behind, then you might want to listen to that notion". now, let me say, the writing style is beautiful. it has a feeling of fairytale. but, that isn't enough to keep me read the series. another thing is- Grace, i really appreciated the fact that she was smart and responsible. but obssesed with wolves? creepy! as for other things- what is it with guys that they loose their balls? i mean, Sam acts like a girl- from his songs to the way he's reluctant to sleep with Grace. really? where are the hormones? and the family that ain't around, and how, in a way the voices aren't that different. i liked the homely moments that were written, she sits and makes her homework while he is composing a song. that felt nice, going to drink hot choclate was nice too. the expirement? the change? not very sure what she tried to do. there were nice moments that kept me smiling and warm. it's just they weren't enough to want to read on.