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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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The Murderer's Daughters - Randy Susan Meyers 3.5 stars. i'm a bit torn about this book. on the one and there were moments i was bored. the girls, though growing up didn't really grow up. on the other hand, both sisters were complicated, full of contradiction. and the way they navigated life, love, career and family was beautifull. the effects of what the father did were interesting. especially how two girls having the same path in childhood became so different (even how they treated their father). also, there were moments my heartbroke. when the older sister became a mother and was suprised yet frightened to how strong she felt toward her children, loving them more then air, yet knowing she doesn't know how to be a mother and as a result screwing things up (exactly because she didn't want to screw up). many reviews mention that the girls do not grow up, and it's true. but i think, considering their circumstances, that tgey grew up best they could. so while it was good and interesting, it also has parts that were a bit...well, not that good. so that's it. 3.5 stars.