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Dark Lover - J.R. Ward UPDATE 28/2/13- after some thinking, i change the rating from 2 stars to 3 stars.****the review states my opinion and perspective of the book.well then, wrath was nice. at first i liked his bad ass attitude. but then he strated to become soft' and it was weird how the guy who was so not like flowers and hearts, almost started to sing love songs. basically i wouldn't have a problem with that if it wasn't for the s-u-d-d-e-n change in attitude that was like 180 degrees. another thing is the fights with the Lessers we more heard about of then saw it. there were too many POV and it was hard to cope. what i did like was some little acts of wrath that showed he cared for beth, and also beth- in her gentle caring way. the way she supported wrath and spoke her mind. And the way she stayed by his side when he was hurt. In a way, beth proved that she isn't dumb or completely hopeless while still being feminine, and i liked that about her.the attraction between wrath and beth was sort of lust in first sight, and the sex was hot. on the other way, i didn't completely buy the development to love. it more started to feel like it when they talked and shared memories. in the end it was shown they really loved each other, only the development was sudden.the brother i found really. interesting was Zedist. i felt like there was more to him then just the psycho he was presented as.so yes, it was a lovely story and i'd probably try to read the other books as well (maybe when i have time). but it just wasn't as great as i expected and wanted it to be.