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Full of Grace  (Companion Book to Hale Maree) - Misty Provencher what a lovely book it was! while you might find many books with the same plotline- boy meets girl, they have sex, girl gets pregnant and drama embrakes. Misty Provencher managed to it differently, thus making it her own. the question posed is different: what happens when the GUY wants to keep the baby and the GIRL does not? does he have a say? let me tell you, Landon does, and he tries his best to make sure that his opinion is heard and considered. I enjoyed Landon's and Sher's story, their relationship (the way it developed), their dilemas, how they interacted with each other and others. One of Landon's biggest adventages was that he wasn't rich, it was obvious his economical status was way better then Sher, but it was also obvious that raising a child would involve many expanses and it would be quite a challenge for him, financially speaking. But, what made this book entirely Fantastic was how Misty Provencher managed to pull a boy POV and make it reliable, Because, most times I have a hard time reading a boy POV written by girl and vise versa. Not here. what I loved most were Landon's letters to the baby. Misty Provencher created a great character in Landon- with his guy insensetivity, his anxiety, and how he thought Sher was gorgeouse yet he found her giggling annoying (and I did to, along with him), and when he started to like them and understand each and every little nuansce I did too, and I loved Sher because of how he saw her, and I loved him for what he was. so yes, I suspect I became a Misty fan. and all I have left to say is- go read it now!!!