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Strange Attractions - Emma Holly *looks around slowly*so, um...yeah, I kind of read that...it was quite educational, I would say, and I loved the interaction between the characters. I also liked that all physics thing, and theories (some of which I learned of). it is well written and all, realy, and it was interesting enough that I kept reading even after I realized what it was about. butas for the whole three of them loving each other, it was still clear she had better chemistry with one of them. and, I know it is erotic romance but really, it felt more like moving from one sexual tension and scene to the other. I would say that at some point it started to feel way too much, and I found myself a bit bored. (another reason why I liked the pages spent on physics theories). maybe, these things aren't for me, I'm not sure...I'll have to find out...maybe it's about needing things and good taste- an interesting plot and character development (it's not that tgey weren't developed as much as sometimes they felt a bit well, shallow?)mixed with some sexual attraction. I don't know, it was a nice read. I even thought of stating it was worth 3.5 stars, but while writing the review I was clarified it's a solid 3 stars for me. nice read, light and sexy. for those who want lots of smutt, I'll say there is nothing to complain about. like I said, very educational. plus, I think it's preferable to fifty shades of grey any day. :)