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"My imagination has always topped anything a movie could come up with" 


-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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The Twelve Dancing Princesses - 'Jacob Grimm',  'Brothers Grimm' While reading it I remembered hearing of the story in my childhood. strangely enough though it wasn't a favourite of mine back then many of the things that disturbed me now I couldn't care less about as a child. Twelve princess sneaking out each and eery night to dance with their beautiful handsome princes. well, they didn't care for all the princes that tried to discover their secrets and just ket them be executed!moreover, why just not tell daddy what you're doing? and what's the point? that some tired solider became a king? that he married the princess he chose? well how did she feel about that?I don't know, I mean, sure it's a fairytale that was written in a different time but so many things just get on my nerves. but as a child I did like it though. now as for the illustrations- I do not rmeber them from when I was young, and now I just read the text. but as I know myself quite well (what? don't give me that look! it's not like I know everything about myself! why, do you?) I'm pretty sure one of the reasons I had no problem with the story was because the illustrations were good, if they were ugly Judgemental little me probably would have remembered.