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Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - Lisa See it was the first book i read by Lisa See, and i loved the historical facts. i enjoyed learning of ancient China. buy Lily wasn't very likable, and trurthfully none of the characters was. i can say now that despite my liking to the story, i don't like See's writing style, or the way she builds her characters- her main protagonist is usually selfish, envying her friends beauty, and don't really see how lucky she really is. Lily makes mistake, she's egoistic, jealous of her less fortunate friend and don't see at first that her friend really is less fortunate. she's competitive, and quick to make accusations. Snow flower's voice is bearly heard, she's kind, full of passion, and suffers but unable to speak of her suffering to her supposed "twin". in general i liked the story. it was beautifull to see how women found their way in a world where they were controlled by men. the outer world belonged to men, the inner to women. men were to be respected. in some places in the world, such things still happen, women are still controlled instead of being equal. they are deprived of their free choice. another thing that happens till this day, is the way women listens to the standarts of beauty, suffering from those standarts, sometimes dying because of them. also, for a woman, even in ur world, being beautiful helps in many ways. See touches those subjects in her novel, and in a way both Lily and Snow Flower are making their way in a world like that, Lily being the one with more luck in her path.