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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Life on the Refrigerator Door - Alice Kuipers 3.5 actually, since i always feel weird about this book. on the one hand, the whole book is written in notes. notes that are posted on the refrigerator door. most of those notes are lists- to do lists, buy lists, i love, i'll be home at, i went to, don't forget to feed. etc, etc. trutfully, we don't know a lot about the mom and daughter- don't hear their talks, not about their favourite color etc, etc. but,in a weird way,it's a book that takes up to 30 minutes to read, and it always leaves me crying like a cry-baby. thinking how important it is to listen and spend time with your loved ones- because, we are all so busy running, trying to do as much as we can, live life to the fullest that we forget the most important thing...the people we love. by being busy because time is running out we tend to forget that it's running out on everyone. that each moment, memory, touch, talk holds a special moment that might not come back. we forget to cherish and savor the moment. and this book, this book tends to remind exactly that, each note too. why? because while being busy running they try their best to say some of the things, to sign most of the notes with 'i love you'. because, in a way, it mimicks real life and our communication and relationship with the people we love. because it's so realistic, it punches you in the face. because, in a weird way you get a unique insight to both the mom's and the daughter's minds, and to their relationship. so yes, it's unique- which is why i have mixed feelings about it. because of the bitter feeling of missing something and the reminder what's important.