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Hale Maree - Misty Provencher in this story Misty Provencher writes about arranged marriage in modern society. while i admit the idea is not foreign to me there are not many books discussing the situation. furthermore, here the characters have no say whatsoever. the story was well written, and the pace was good as well. Hale's reactions were believable most of the time and the relationship developed quite fast but still in a steady rythem. Misty Provencher created a tolerante, honest, completely hot guy in Oscar. and Hale was a honest, sensetive and charming heroine. I loved them both, and enjoyed how their feelings became more genuine over such a short period of time. it was a short time, yet they understood each other, they cared, they learned- and putting them together in a more or less isolated enviroment did the trick. Even so, I admitt Oscar's acceptance of the whole marriage thing was kind of hard to digest, while I really liked Hale's reactions to the idea. more importantly, while this was quite a cinderella story- poor girl, rich guy- Oscar's wealth didn't affect Hale's reaction to him for better or worse, and she fell for him for the person he was with her. One of my favourie scenes was when the group went shopping, and Hale used the money Oscar gave her to buy him presents instead pf things for herself. Another davourite scene was when Oscar and Hale were discussing their expectations from the marriage, and Hale said she wanted Oscar to adore and admire her. that he would come running when she called him, that he would think he was lucky to have her even when she gained ten pounds or turned his shirts pink. and Oscar reaction to it wad great. It touched me deeply. Yet, In matters of writing I think Mercy, A Gargoyle Story (also by Misty Provencher) was far superior in matters of beautiful writing. don't get me wrong, Misty Provencher writes beautifully. but in Mercy the writing is more lyrical and fairy-tale like. Also, I found Hale Maree companion novel, Full Of Grace to be more rounded in the character and relationship development even though less original (although she still managed to explore an ancient plotline through new eyes). Anyway, I'd definetly keep a close eye on Misty Provencher development as an author. and I warmly recommand you read her books. ;)