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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Silent Blade - Ilona Andrews 4 beautifull teary stars. Right now I have tears in my eyes, from sadness and happiness alike. Ilona andrews manages to evoke raw emotion in me through her writing. she's great with the "show don't tell" storytelling. her ideas and worlds are fascinating, easy to imagine, and I simply love and adore her characters. Silent blade is a short one, ulitimately it's a pure love story with the tricks of fate. Meli gets a chance to execute a revenge on the man who destroyed her life. there's arranged marriage, there's grooming, and there's rejection and pain. in so little pages I felt so many emotions and had so many thoughts. please, read it. it would take no more then an hour, and the things you'll see and learn are beautiful. it is more then worth your time.a little note: if you are familliar with Ilona Andrews and her Kate Daniels series then you've probably heard or seen for yourself that while the author is great at building sexaul tension, writing a sex scene between her characters somewhat embarss her. here, the is a sex scene and. while it does not compare to jeaniene frost's scene, it was definitely good.