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Delicacy - David Foenkinos what can i say?this is beautifully written, realistic story of love, loss and second chances. that will make you laugh ocassionally, break your heart and give you hope. first we meet Natalie as she's meeting Francois. soon enough the couple fall in love- with the most romantic marriage proposal in my opinion. they fit each other- both have things they like to do together and things they do apart. then, one day, Natalie stays at home- she's reading a book, and Francois goes on his daily run. but he doesn't come back. Natalie then, in the mid of her 20ts, needs to live in a reality in which her beloved one is gone. dead. and she is devasted. the beautiful girl stops going outside- stops hanging out with friends and everyone is worried. she then finds comfort in her work. but time pass by, and in a way, time heals even if you don't want it to do so. and one day Natalie kisses Markus- her swedish, geeky, greish co-worker. and it is the beginning of a new relationship- as Natalie learns to live again, and Markus, for the first time in his life recieve attention from someone like Natalie.the thing is, that this book is written in a matter of factly-realistic tone. it is not dramatic, not one bit, but the feelings hit you in the guts. as for the characters- they are so rounded, so real just like real people. in a few sentences David Foenkinos manages to deliver who they are. the habits, the little facts, the trips- everything about this novel is written in a way that places it in the real world. making it awfully real. and it's amazing.i recommened this novel warm heartedly. more then a year since i read it and it's still one of my favourites!