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"My imagination has always topped anything a movie could come up with" 


-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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No and Me - Delphine de Vigan this is a warm hearting, heart breaking, lyrical book that captures the human nature so beautifully. as sad to admit, many times we walk by a homeless person, he is at the edge of our sight if we see him at all. and we hurry, try to ignore. meet Lou, a gentle, kind, smart 13 year old who struggles to fit in her class after skipping up 2 grades. whenever Lou is overwhelmed by her feelings she tries to disracrt herself logically. everyday she comes home, to a mother who suffers from great depression. Lou is also very prespective, yet innocent. as a class project, Lou meets No, a 18 year old homeless girl. but Lou takes her project one step ahead, and decides to try and change No's fate. by trying to help No, Lou and her family open up, and heal themselves. but there are things you can't change. Vigan handels her characters with care, she's very gentle while leading them through the story. No has went through a lot, and still, she was like a lost, insecure little cat, caring deeply for Lou. and Lou? Lou saw No as a friend, and for someone like Lou that means blind trust, taking care of your friend and covering his back. this book touched me, i laughed and i cried. it got me thinking. it's still with me. even now. it's a wonderful story of coming of age. Lou, No, Luka and Lou's parents were wonderfull charcters with their complexity and realistic life. i cared for them. Vigan's style is quiet, like a balad song. it's not dramatic, but. it touches you deeply.