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Italian Boss, Ruthless Revenge - Carol Marinelli Well, if you happened to look and my read list, you'll see that once in a while I read a romantic romance book. while it may not be for the great writing style, the plot, the characters or the seeds of wisdom it is a refreshing peace to the mind on a rough week. I'd say the sypnosis isn't quite accurate- you see, his big revenge is sleeping with her while trying not to fall for her. the ring comes only in the end (after the drama is over). there was some drama and each of the MCs had some things she dealt with- he the death of his twin, she the her feeling for him. it is all very formulatic, and yes, I rolled my eyes too many times but I also smiled a lot with all the swooning. and yes, the whole innocent virgin experienced millionaire kind of gets on my nerves, but I loved how she was frank about most things and how she saw right through his macho facade. in the moment of truth, unlike him, she knew exactly who he was and gave him the trust he didn't give her. yep, I'm a bit (tiny tiny little bit) fond of this one.