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Persuasion - Jane Austen first, let me say- i'm a fan of Jane Austen. a big fan, really big. not once was i in a mood in which i didn't want to read a book, because i was tired of books, but i needed to read one, because it was a stressed time and nothing helps you better than a good book. well in this situation i usually take one of Austen's books- and how they fly. it's amazing how She manage to keep me calm while laughing. reading Austen is sheer pleasure. i love her writing style, i love her characters, i love how her world is simple, small, comfort and the way she uses it to criticize society. here as well. Anne's father that cares only about appearence and money, her sister who is engrossed with her own beauty, and Lady Russell that listens to the codes of society yet truly and deeply cares for Anne. this is a story of love that survives time- eight years of seperation and a bitter good-bye. Anne was once betrothed to Wentworth, but listening to Lady russell she decided to break-off the engagement. they meet again eight years afterwards, Wentworth has become bitter over the years because of how things ended, he's cold towards Anne, tries to find her faults. and she? she had eight years to consider her actions, to think things over, to grow-up, to learn about life and to realize that sometimes love is better than the codes of society. this time, Anne is true to herself- regretting for the way things ended yet knowing it was for the best. little by little her old feelings to Wentworth awaken once again, growing into a deep love. i loved Anne, she was diffrent from Elizabeth Bennet, she was more mature, more whole, and more sure of herself, she was kind, and quiet, she was full of life and so lovely- she's my favourite of Austen's character. she had both the qualities of Elinor and Marianne (from sense and sensebility). and most of all- she wasn't quick to judge, she was smart with her eyes open, she was well aware of hers and others weaknesses and negative features, she was a good judge of character and didn't take things for granted, always questioning and wondering, always willing to help. this book was wonderful! Anne was lovely, and as for Captain Wentworth- well, let's just say that talking about him might spoil the suprises...