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The Adoration Of Jenna Fox  - Mary E. Pearson I'm not sure what to say about The Adoration of Jenna Fox, besides the fact that it's one of my favourites. let's see, the plot was interesting, and Pearson handled everything in such a graceful manner- never going to drama. the writing was beautiful and compelling, and the questions- what makes us human, what makes us ourselves and what is our soul? well, they were handled well. i liked how Pearson made her characters face situation were they needed to question their belifes and principles. i loved the complex relationship between Jenna and Lily, and the love story that was simple and kind of in the backseat of the novel yet handled well. What Jenna's parents did was something that a loving parent sometimes would do, it might be a little bit selfish but very human. and the change that occured in Jenna- learning to push bounderies, dealing with the great expectations that choked her, learning to be herself and that she doesn't have to please pepole so they'ld love her. i loved that, i could understand that. Jenna was a great character, rounded, complicated and very human- both of the Jennas. i recommend this book warm heartedly, if you like thrillers that post moral questions, you'd probably like this one. if you are searching for a unique book, then again, this one might be for you.