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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Real World - Natsuo Kirino dear world, I worte a review for this book. yep, a review that's right. but for some reason that review was erased. and as i write my reviews on a whim, I cannot rewrite it again. so I'll tell you what it was about- it was about being lost and lonely and have no one to talk to, it was about being hopeless. which is exactly what this book is all about. and That's the feeling you'll be left with once you read this book, with no hope. my review (the dead one) came to the conclusion that most people around the world feel lonely at one moment or the other. and that truthfully we should celebrate life, help people and just try our very best. so instead of reading this book and become depressed I have a propostion for you- GO OUT! laugh with people, have fun, love with all your heart, read as many books as you can and go on as many adventures as you can. reach out to others and help them as well. be less lonely, and try to be happy for what you have. that's all, I'm done for today (and yes, I do ocassionally without a warning start to preach just like that...and I'm not apologizing for that even when saying I was drunk might be a lot more easy, but I wasn't!!!)