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Kindling the Moon - Jenn Bennett Well, that was a fast read. It is a nice debut, truthfully there isn't much to say about this book- the mystery was quite obvious, but I truly don't think we were supposed to be suprised here. The only one suprised was Cady Bell probably. I really liked Jupes cheerfullness, and Lon was hot! (man, was he hot?! he managed the exact amount of arrogance and matureness that I like it a love interest). I really enjoyed Cady's mature nature as well, she made mistakes and she was willing to pay for them. the world is nice and interesting to explore. and there was some sexiness that had me blushing (now, it's not like [a:Jeaniene Frost|669810|Jeaniene Frost|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1310062695p2/669810.jpg] sexy scenes, but it had another kind of hotness). What I really liked was that even though [a:Jenn Bennett|4485813|Jenn Bennett|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1309594232p2/4485813.jpg] took situations that could lead to some drama she never went there. for example- Cady comes to take Jupe out to a movie and Lon happens to host a pretty, leggy blond in his house. Now, with all the flirts and tease that went between Lon and Cady that was ground to some Drama (yep. caital D). but no, Lon immediately assures Cady that his relations to the leggy blond are strictely business.when they finally convey their attraction it is also done smoothly, and I love it!so yes, I definitely found another series I like a LOTT!