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Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen Fielding well, i wanted to like this book, over the years i heard pepole to about it. i had great expectations. and sadly, i found myself disliking it. a lot. *may contain spoilers* well, lets start with the fact that almost everyone (aside from Mr.Darcy) were acting like a fivd year old, lost, led by society and not sure who they are at all. i know, the feeling of being lost at that time, it was real. and yet, it was hard for me to relat- i felt sorry for the mother who was married to someone she was used to and wasn't sure if she loved him anymore. breaking on a journey to discover herself again, leaving much mess and destruction behind- and there was no one to clean it! the mother who tried to act young, and contacted her daughter only when she needed something. on the one hand- she cared, or at least tried to show she cared. on the other hand she wasn't listening. as for bridget's friends- i'm sorry but i kept mixing them up. i was confused, who was who and what was their so called agenda. beside drinking. and bridget- sleeping with the bad boy boss, understandable. get you heart broken in the process- invitable. drinking, smoking, and pretty much being carried by life to where it took you? a bit sad. i liked her sense of humor. and, yes, it was realistic. also in our times.but i don't like feeling lost, it gets the creep out of me. maybe that's why most of the book i spent feeling bad about bridget and her friends and family, wishing it to be over already. craving for an adult, responsible figure that won't appear only in the end to set things right before the year ends.i have my own faults. i'd be the first to admitt. but this book just wasn't my cup of tea...i can honestly say, it's you but mostly, it's me.