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Mercy, A Gargoyle Story - Misty Provencher On a second thought: 4 STARS this is one of those books that delaying the review would only do harm. I'll explain in a bit, but before...3 stars, and only because I'm really torn in here. I loved this book, I really did. but at the same time there were too many things that didn't quite work for me. the reason for the urgency to write a review upon finishing the book is, simply put, the emotions I experienced while reading it. the longer I'll wait, the harder it will be to pour it down to words.so...what didn't work? simply, the love (at the ending), and the whole part about the Gargoyles. it was just SO confusing, I didn't understand how it worked, I would have loved more explaining and myth on that part (I understand that they were used as a tool to gain the clarity with which things were revealed to us as well as to Maddy, I do, but that doesn't stop me from wanting them to be a solid well explained instrument), also, too many times there were confusing lines, times I was fighting to understand what was said and what was going on, and more importantly what was MEANT. I can't say that the confusion is all cleared out by the end, but if you stick around long enough then, eventually, you'll discover you've gotten used to it and it does not disturb you that much anymore. the question is whether you can, personally, I think you SHOULD. (as i shall explain). WHAT I LIKED, EVEN LOVED: first of all, Maddy, her story was heart breaking, het life were tough, and yet she was full of compassion that I couldn't help but love her. also, regarding Maddy, as the story unfolds she wises up. second, Truce's story, his love, his guilt, his emotions and fears. He was intruiging. third, the Gargoyles, so ugly , yet, so fragile, some very kind, harboring their humanity with a lesson they missed and needed to learn. fourth, the story, Misty Provencher manages to write something different, she's thinking outside the box, in fact so outside and so different that i have never encountered something like that before. Last but not Least, Misty Provencher's writing is Amazing. it's truly beautiful, and the feelings that overwhelm Maddy are flying through the pages straight to your heart. there were many lines I loved (as you can see at the end of this review).I also would like to state that despite the story being different, unique, and extraordinary in it's core it's about people, emotions, relationships and love. And from my experience that seems to be the important part in any story.the capacity to love and be loved, the way feelings can fill you, how sometimes something ugly is not so ugly once you love it. the fact that sometimes even though you love so deeply, your feelings are not returned (no matter how hot, smart, kind or absoultely fantastic you are), or the burden of being loved by someone more then you love that someone back, because sometimes you just don't feel it. while another times it strikes like lightning, unexplained. Feelings are the same for everyone, and as a result different incidents may evoke the very same feelings inside us- two people would feel grieve, pain and sorrow over different things in life, yet the feeling shall unite them. also the many ocassions that guilt rises deep within, eating us alive.In the end of the day it is a story about love, guilt, feelings, people and the will to live even when we think we lost it. as such a story it is beautiful and well worth the read. so I plead, i know, I rated it only 3 Stars, but these stars has such a deeper meaning, they are better then 5 Stars on this very rare occasion. I plead you, read this story... a little teaser: "his guilt is more important than Selene's cancer? why aren't we healing the people who really need it?""we are," the lion growls. "my exterior is your only concern. I don't need you to decide whether or not my beauty is worthy of you. Yours is not worthy of me."I realize that they should never be together. she doesn't love him and he doesn't love her nearly enough, to raise a hand to her like he's done.these two imperfect people, who I once loved so much, will never be perfect together.and I suddenly want [her] to love him. I want her to tell him not to do anything foolish. I want her to wrap him in her arms and say the everything will be okay, that she could love him, that she would try. I want this moment to be the fairy tale ending that begins a perfect new life for them, where this ordinary boy learns how to be a prince and this everyday princess falls for him. and the ashen snow falling on my heart become an avalanche. I see The Boy as something I never have before. as Just a boy. He's the same as any body who eats, talks....He's just a boy who liked me, but didn't love me, and didn't know how else to tell me. "You need to be shown how deeply you affect a man, how incredibly lovely and loveable you are, aside from what some boy had said or done to make you believe differently." "I would love you for the heart that you opened up once, and gave away. I would love you enough to hope that you would find love again. I would endeavor myself worthy of you, even if you choose to never give it again all the same.""I have been loved more then I have loved. I have not loved someone else more then I have loved myself. it's a pleasure of the living, to love.""people love to varying degrees and it is not a sin, but certainly a shame, that I was not a more worthy competitor for [her]....that I didn't love her as much doesn't mean that I didn't love her at all."The song cascades from the open window and twist into a beautiful, jealous tune of worship, about a lover who realized that the thing they treasured wasn't such a treasure at all. it is a horrible love song, but it's still a love song. I left a long dark markAcross your heartAnd let you light be dimSo no one but I,With such eager eyesWould come to look withinshe speakes of faith but doesn't recognize that an ugly messenger can deliver it. He wasn't ugly to me at all. The golden fleece in the boy's voice will probebly thin out beneath the spotlight and the boy will whisper my name like he doesn't know me at all. "Madeline?"The sergeant will give it a minute to sink in and say, "That's right. what do you know about her?""Nothing. Absolutely nothing," is what the boy will answer. It's his one last chance to be cruel. And honest.