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Don't Move - Margaret Mazzantini Beautifully written. The plot, however, is not my cup of tea and therefor i couldn't finish reading. [a:Margaret Mazzantini|264627|Margaret Mazzantini|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1267883022p2/264627.jpg] writes beautifully, and she takes her characters through hell and back, making them fragile, ugly, small, beautifull human beings. and I aprreciate her for that, but as I said, the plot was not my cup of tea.Timoteo is hopeless when he's called to the hospital after his daughter was fataly injured in an accident, and in that moment of hopelessness he confesses his sin, the affair he had with another woman. a not special woman, a woman that in many ways do not compare to his wife, yet, this woman stirs something in him. some sort of feeling, ineters, desire, lust, love and ultimately a mutual obsession. you can see how an affair can destroy you from the inside, just tear you apart. Timoteo's choice is not the matter here. the matter here is this choice between desire and comfort.truthfully, I don't see cheating in a good eye, it's selfish. it hurts both the cheated, the cheater and the accomplice. if you are not happy don't stay. if you can't appreciate what you have or you want something else don't stay. I think both love and comfort are important, but many times we are told we can have only one. I don't think so. In a way, that's were me and the book part ways. I can't romantize a cheating, and I'm unable to feel sorry for Timoteo for his mistakes and regrets. he did destroied the woman he supposedly loved. and the one "supposedly" paying for this mistake was his daughter, who was the only thing I cared about. EDIT 17/7/13:[a:Margaret Mazzantini|264627|Margaret Mazzantini|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1267883022p2/264627.jpg] once said that she takes her characters through hell and back, she wasn't kidding. I happened to talk to various people who read this book in the last few days- non of them remember how the book ended but they do remember that the book felt heavey and even a bit suffocating. Personally,I can accept human beings, but something here just didn't work for me. perhaps it's me because I very much prefer my books to be with some sort of lightness and happiness in them. I can read hard and sad books I just usually prefer not to.