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The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky UPDATE 13/3/13: after some thoughts, my rating is only 2 stars and no half.2.5Let me start with this. in our bookshop it was the 'book of the month'. and one of the workers kept recommanding the book to almost everyone. Now, usually when he thinks a book is good it is highly possible I won't like it at all. especially when he talks of this book as 'life changing'. but with the buzz around the movie curiousity won over and I decided to read it. The book addresses many issues- suicide, divorce, disfunctional family, depression, homosexuality, rape, molestion, abuse, drugs, abortion, relationship, society and that feeling that 'no one gets you' while 'trying to please everyone' and 'not knowing completely who you are'. The book touches those issues without adressing them completely' it felt like it named them as things that exist in human life more then talking about them. and you can't help but wonder what's wrong with Charlie- as he ain't normal. I mean, a girl is raped right infront of him and he doesn't comprehend the situation. his sister's boyfriend slaps her right infront of him and he does nothing. I had this horrible thought that if he witnessed murder he still won't do anything- won't think of doing anything. He'll probably think-'oh, they're just playing!'I'm really torn about this book, because, you see, though the writing style ain't great it is really readable. It's flowing. But while reading it you keep thinking: "what's wrong with that kid? is life really that fucked up? for everybody?" and the most scary thought (IMO)-"How many people are out there that are like him?" But the worst thing is that, IMO, the characters are really thin. they don't have depth, they hardly have uniqness I kept getting them confused and mostly couldn't remember their names. and while reading about their relationships and friendships I felt NOTHING, why? because they didn't come as real. more like, a list. yep, a list. I KNOW that there are all kinds of relationships between people. I know that. and some of them are very much alike those in the book- but, they are complicated, they have layres. and here it wasn't like that (beside the aunt). and so, most of the novel I kept thinking that life really sucked for all of the characters. that the world was black. and I didn't understand how everyone kept thinking and saying that Charlie is SPECIAL and SMART and UNIQUE while I thought the he's more SPECIAL in the sense of the word that needs SPECIAL TREATMENT, as in NOT NORMAL, or NORMATIVE. yes, sometimes his thoughts were beautiful, but most of the time just annoying and incoherent. Like a little kid. what did I like about this book? what makes me a bit torn (as much as you can be torn between 2 to 3 stars.)? That would be the ending- that ending that left a sense of hope. and the constant thought of- 'how did the person that recieved those letters felt?' I found that more interesting then Charlie's story. And it's not like I got an answer- the closest I could get to it was thinking how would I feel if I got those letters, and that had me wondering if I'd even read them. (I know I read the book, but that's entirely different thing)so that's it. 2.5 stars. if you want to read it I suggest you'd be over 16, even 17, so you could have things in perespective.who might like it? well people who feel like no one understand them in need a wake up call to participate in life (I guess it's cruel to say this). the thing is i'm not sure. I can't think of anyone i know that might enjoy it, which is why it is hard for me to think who would.what I do have to say is- live life, do things, experience things, feel all kinds of emotions. but, try to make sure that while doing so you don't hurt others or yourself. especially irrecoverably or in a way you might regret. Also, from what I heard the movie is way better- so I think 2 hours of watching it will be better then whatever time it will take you to read it.p.s. Charlie is a wallflower, and as a wallflower you have a chance to see all kinds of things around you. But he's completely right when he says that eventually you have to participate in life, trust me, It's so much better because you get to do what makes you feel good.