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We Need to Talk about Kevin

We Need to Talk about Kevin - [b:We Need to Talk About Kevin|80660|We Need to Talk About Kevin|Lionel Shriver|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327865017s/80660.jpg|3106720] is not an essy book, but it makes you think. personally i put it right with [b:My Sister's Keeper|10917|My Sister's Keeper|Jodi Picoult|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327886578s/10917.jpg|1639903], [b:Lolita|7604|Lolita|Vladimir Nabokov|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327871906s/7604.jpg|1268631] and [b:The Murderer's Daughters|6674372|The Murderer's Daughters|Randy Susan Meyers|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312017675s/6674372.jpg|6869461]. which are all books i read that made me think and feel something more- books that somewhere deep in my heart i even despise a bit (especially Lolita)and with books like [b:Never Let Me Go|6334|Never Let Me Go|Kazuo Ishiguro|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1353048590s/6334.jpg|1499998] and [b:Unwind|764347|Unwind (Unwind, #1)|Neal Shusterman|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1297677706s/764347.jpg|750423] that i haven't read yet but i probably would. once every so often comes this kind of book that ask moral questions. in this book it is the mother questioning herself if the fact that her son did what he did on that Thursday is her fault as his mother- a fault in how she raised him. truthfully speaking there's a lot to say about this book- starting with the psycopath son who committed a mascare to the mother who stands by him out of obligatory, loving him though not sure why, having an ambivalent relationship with him. bith are fighting each other and very aware of each other's personality. Eva is used to traveling around the world writing traveler's guide, admiring different cultures, judging the American culuture. she is used to be free- even after she marries Franklin, who is the ultimate American in a way. he loves America, he's a patriot, living the American dream. i think you get the point. the American woman that judges America constantky, feeling like a stranger in her own homeland has married a man who is all American can be. a chain of events result in Eva and Franklin deciding to have a baby. she's 37. while pregnant, Eva starts to feel that the child in her womb is not hers, that all the instructions she gets as to how to act in her pregnancy are actually evicting her from her own body and free will. she starts to hold a grudge against the baby. when the baby comes to the world, Eva fails to connect to him. and since then, the two starts a struggle, a war between them over control. one unable to connect and one unable to admit his needs. whole we see that in some aspects Kevin is evil, Shriver uses the story mainly to criticize the American culture and the American dream. that would have been okay if said once or twice, but not for 400 pages. after the third time it becomes somewhat dull, boring and chewed. what keeps on being interesting is how Eva claims to love her husband yet, she hates his American attitude. she claims to be brave but not even once fight in order to stop her son from behaving badly and hurting others. she tries her best to be mommy of the year- but each and every gesture is forced. each kiss, each hug. and yet, she wants to connect top her son. when her son is around seven, Eva decides to give birth to another child- a girl, who is very different from her son. she's obedient, afraid of almost everthing except her brother, quiet, tries hard to please, kind and not very bright. an accident in the house causes the girl to lose an eye, and Eva blames Kevin. after 15 years of fighting between her and Franklin, fights regarding Kevin with Eva blaming Franklin for always protecting Kevin and believing his every word and he blaming her for always seeing the bad in Kevin the decide to divorce. this, seemingly, leads to Kevin deciding to commit the thursday. what the book tries to say is quite simple- beside criticizimg the American society, culture and dream- when a woman doesn't want to be a mother, perhaps she shouldn't be. and yet, a mother love her child. i have to admitt, life inside of Kevin's head would have been boring. and i hated the self justified Eva, who criticized everyone while being herself very american. somewhat admiring herself (like her son admired her) but she was cold, selfish and a coward. a coward that stood by while seeing the truth infront of her, and maybe that made her less bad then her husband who refused to see the truth, but even so, that is no excuse. to summarise, though i do recommand it, and though criticizing is welcome, everthing has to be done in a measure. anyhow, this would most likely, probably, by 99.9% chance would be my last book by lionel shriver.