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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Evermore - Alyson Noel i picked out this book searching for something funny that i won't take seriousely. well, i couldn't take it seriousely, but it wasn't funny. the cheerleader who became an outcast, the ancient man that loved her and searched for her incarnation. the problem is that it is poorly written, and full with cliche.truthfully, i could hardly read it.on the other hand- 2 other friends of mine (they are not friends in GR) actually read it too. one said it was funny and a nice break from thinking. that it was hilarious in it's stupidity. the other said it was nice and interesting. not the book of the year, but still a nice read. the real question is; what do you like to read?if you want a light read about a one hundred or more years love that was stopped for various reasons, then it might be the book for you. if you're between 12-15 then it might be the book for you. if you like to read books about an attraction at first sight between a 'bad boy' guy with super powers and an ordinary (almost ordinary) teen girl that tries to understand what he is while making her homework. then you might love this one. if you like angst, meaning the boy doesn't treat the girl that well at first. with all the stupid jealousey games and a ruined friendships, then you might like this one. but...if, by chance, you're searching for a bit more- for a heroine that is smart, cold, human, survivor.for a situtation that is a bit more complicated- meaning, life and death situation or a big adventure.for a well written book.for a charming, good, male protagonist.for something more- something that would make you think and feel all sorts of emotions. then, this book might not be for you. and i suggest you turn your back now and search for something else to read. but, that is my opinion.