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Questing Beast

Questing Beast - Ilona Andrews 3.5 starsthis was a short, enjoyable and very original read. yep, once again the writing duo Ilona Andrews manage to creat an original futuristic story that combines High-Tech with Myths and Literature. As the story is really short, I will not discuss the plot but use the opportunity to debate (pherhaps) Ilona Andrews as authors.While I truly enjoy their writing i can understand why some may not. Ilona Andrews worlds and stories are truly orginal, yet, the writing duo tend to amake it a 'either yo undertsna d and keep up or you stay behind' kind of situation, the explanation of the world is built over time, aminly in the "show" manner. as a result, were you to catch up to the pace you'll be rewarded with a truly AMAZING tale, otherwise you'll be completely confused. this sirt of writing style really fits in a series like Kate Deniels where the world building is built up through all the books, but when faced with a short story it is far more complicated. so while i enojyed it enmerously, i prefer their other stories much better, and i can understand while some may not like this one.