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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate - Annette Curtis Klause WOW! JUST WOW! This is not your average book in the genre. why, you ask? well, Vivian is a wolf shape shifter. in this story, they are a comepletly diffrent spicies that can't mate with humans. V is sure of herself, describing the change. and her description is so beautiful, it's almost like a song. making you want to change. V develops a relationship with a human boy named Aiden. also, we have Gabriel, the young new leader of her pack that shows interest in her. on the one hand, a lot happens in this book. on the other hand, it's a story of growing up, accepting yourself and those you love. learning who is good for you. the writing is brilliant, and the ending is beautiful and unconventional for the genre. i loved V who was portrayed so beautifully, she was complex like a teenage girl, she was graceful like a wolf, and the whole story is magical. i really liked the way Gabriel was understanding and patient as well as aware of his good looks. he was the complicated good guy that looks like the bad boy. (so hot!) "i want to lay my prey at your feet" one of the sexiest lines i read as a love confession in a book. to summerise, i highly recommend this book! :)