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Nefertiti: A Novel

Nefertiti - Michelle Moran Neferetiti is one of Egypt most notable and well known figures. she is known as one of the most beautiful women of all times. Moran tells us the story from her sister's point of view, truthfully, the book uses many historical speculations regarding Neferetiti and her Pharaoh , her ending, and the female Pharaoh who reigned after them (though even that isn't completely sure). also, it is not clear whether Nefertiti ever had a sister and what was her fate. if you are an history geek who can't stand a story that isn't true to the origin,this book is not for you. personally, with all it's faults (the drama, the speculations, the unclarity of some things) i really loved this book. i love reading books about strong women even when their fates aren't good (to say the least). the thing is that this book spoke to me, it allowed me a glimpse to a woman I kind of appreciate and times long gone. if you want to read a wonderful historical novel then this is the book for you.