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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Interview With the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles)

Interview With The Vampire - Anne Rice this story was dark, rich, seductive. Louis was tormented with guilt craving his mortal life. he was beautiful, his voice was captivating, yet, he wasn't what i loved most in the book. what i loved most were Claudia and Lestat. Lestat, the lonely vampire, the vampire who celebrates his immortality. seductive, cruel, impulsive at times, talented, complicated and charming. Claudia, the old woman trapped in a child's body. beautiful, sensual, cruel, smart, calculative, more monster than human. so smart and yet so weak and helpless. the creation of Louis and Lestat selfishness. in a way, she and Lestat were two sides of the same coin. Anne Rice has captivating writing style, it's just like reading a fairytale, a dark one. don't be fooled, even Louis is a monster, despite his grieving and suffering. despite his efforts to hold on to his humanity. yet, we get to meet them in intimate way, we relate to them. captured by their dark charm. aware of the danger, yet, don't really care much. willing to accept them for what they are. vampire's are monsters. but they are more than that, they are complicated. not just good or bad. they're charming.in a weird way, i prefer them, even in their crulety, among the tormented, self-justified, vegeterian vampires that we meet now. Anne Rice's prespective on vampires isn't completely romantic, it has a realistic side for not once does she cover the monster they are behind excuses. she doesn't apollogize, and neither do they. even our tormented Louis. and that's why i love the book so much!