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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress Series #2)

One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost caution! spoilers ahead! in my opinion, compared to the first book in Cat's advendures, this one was less fast-paced. less bloody. make no mistake! i love Cat and Bones. here, we got to see more how Cat is the "act first think latter" kind of person. although being a tough, ass kicking, utterly awesome heroine that quality of her gets her in a lot of trouble. luckily, we got Bones to the rescue. yet, seriousely, sometimes it's annoying. being so blind with the want for revenge that you dig your own grave ain't good. at. all.also, the way she's so dense at times- you're half a vampire! for god's sake! do you really believe you'd get old like a normal human being? and die in a normal age for human? (well, being killed is always a possibility, of course. specifically when you look for trouble). and that "i am your uncle?" thing, why couldn't she realize it without Bones writing it down to her, feeding her with the expelnation. without even the bit suspecting! oh, well, i guess we need to know that we need bones- after all, a woman as strong as Cat won't do with a man who isn't better then she. otherwise, she'll get bored. as for the whole episode dedicated to sex, thank you Frost! we needed a bit of hot action after Cat played in hot and cold. but there were a few things that caught me completely by suprise. also, such hot steamy sex, sometimes, is better in little doses. though, that scene is surley unforggetable- the biting, so sexy. the book has it faults, but it's so addictive that i like it. thank you Frost for creating Bones, and for creating Cat. and for making me laugh so hard! what are you waiting for? hurry! go read it! ;)