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This Side of the Grave - Jeaniene Frost more then a month after reading this book I remember it only vaguely. the things I do remember: loving Vlad, Ian and Justina, oh, and Veritas (she's really cool and I'd like to see more of her). I even like Marie in a weird twisted way. Cat is now a full vampire- though once again, just like Cat, nothing is quite normal. she has a occasional hearbeat, she feed off vampires and she absorbs their powers through drinking their blood. but if you read the previous 4 books you already know that. Some weird ghoul named Apollyn is trying to stir war between the vampires and the ghouls, using Cat as a reason (something about her being the frikish vampire) and we learn that, well, history repeats itself and Jean D'arc was also half-breed like Cat, only that she got burned in the name of stoping a war. you see, basically it's an ok book. but it was less good than the previous ones. and here are my other problems- Cat, Kira and what little we see of Denise. but mainly Cat. she seems to have lost something- she is less modest than what she was before, and she's more serene and quiet, which would be okay if not for the fact that something in her ass kicking was somewhat lost. and it's not just her, Jeaniene frost's female characters are usually strong and though they don't always rush to danger they are still independent, yet, once they settle into their relationship they somehow lose their colors and become more pale and quiet while the male is very protective. the sense of humore also changed greatly as now it's more movie humore than witty comebacks. In a way I'm also getting tired of all the killings, and the fact that most of the supporting characters are males, and though Cat has a female best fried they hardly interact. Bones has way more interaction with his friends. I mean, Cat's world consist of mostly Bones, his friends, the occasional Annette ( whome she does not like too much), her mother once in a while, Denise (her supposed best friend with whome she hardly talks as well) and Kira (Mencheres's wife, that she has no feeling towards). and if I drift to other books; Denise is hardly in touch with her family, and her world consist of mostly Spade. Kira? we know she has a sister she really cares for but we hardly see alot from her sister, and her too, Mencheres has the big part of her world, and no known female friends. Leila (from the night prince series) she's mostly surronded by guys, she has a sister (whome I really love) and even though her sister is quite active what mostly happens is Leila pushing her sister away. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it seems that Jeaniene frost doesn't like females too much, they do exist on her books but the males are somewhat more supportive, understanding and there in comparison to the females. and somehow, lately, it has been getting on my nerves!!! to summerise, if you read the previous books, I don't see why you shouldn't read this one or why you wouldn't enjoy it. p.s. in some weird way Jeaniene frost's characters don't seem to care too much about the fact that when they change into vampires or decided to marry one they are giving up future children. the only one that has a little ping of thought about it is Denise and ecen that is quickly solved with "love is more important". p.s.2- another thing that annoys me in this series is that vampires seems to have really few weakness and an endless potential to limitless super powers. I'd like to know what is it that makes some vampires stronger than others even when they have the same maker. On that part I find Cat and Bones world lacking.