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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress Series #4)

Destined for an Early Grave - Jeaniene Frost it is my most favourite book in the entire night huntress series. The plot was okay, the sense of humore and the action scenes were awesome. Cat was almost lunatic in this book, with lots of crying. I love Ian, and enjoyed seeing more of Vlad. he really becomes a favourite of mine, though I suspect Ian stays the best. in many ways it was such an emotinal drama that I couldn't feel Cat's pain as much as I wanted to. if I was honest I probably would have given this book 4 stars, but since I loved it so much 5 stars it is.what I loved: this is the book that put Can and Bones relationship to the test, in a way, the point they have for second thoughts, for wondering how far would they go to be together as well as clear all the differences between them. and they do exactly that, knowing from now on there won't be so muxh drama between them made me happy. Cat needs to overcome the last pieces of what's left of her prejudice, accept who she is, embrace it and accept Bones for who he is. in this book we meet Gregor, a powerfull vampire that claims to be Cat's husband. Cat encounter many hardships, pain and loss. many things will never be the same. and Jeaniene Frost handles it well. another thing is the dedication that read as follows; "to my sister Jeanne, who had the courage to walk away and the strengh not to go back" One might wonder, but Jeaniene gives us a wonderful gift- Very fast we discover what a selfish, obssesive, violent, inconsiderate, manipulative, liar, power-hungry and scum Gregor actually is. he manipulated sixteen year old Cat, trying to tame her, taking her away from her family and making her completely dependent on him. on his every whime and mood swings, on the need to please him, depressing her so she won't grow to the wonderful, strong and beautiful woman she is. luckily, Someone stopped him in time, and by the end the book finish a cycle as Cat stands up to him, and puts an end to it. Jeaniene discribes so well a man who is a monster, a monster the camoflage itself with charm. she describes so well the begining of what can become a violent and destructive relationahip if not stopped on time.the message is clear- be strong and sure of yourself, never let anyone hurt you and doubt yourself and find someone that loves you for who you are.I truly appreciate her for that, and for that very depths I love this book so much.