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My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper - i read this story a few years ago, back then as someone interested in law studies it was an interesting read. now, as a law student, looking back on it, it is more than just interesting. Picoult draws well the family dynamics and the moral question, she handles them well. i wanted Anna to be free to decide her own fate, i knew she was loved (even when it was vague), and i knew that as a sister she looked up to her older sister, and that she would have done whatever it took in order to save her sister's life but the freedom to choose is also important. Anna loved her sister enough to fight against her family knowing how it might effect everyone. i aprreciated her strengh and dedication to her sister. what i wanted most of the book was to see Kate's POV, for each family member presented her differently. as for the ending- it took me compeletly by suprise, i've never cried like that before because of a book. but what's more beautiful about the ending are the feelings coveyed when talking about the memory of someone you love. the way it fades overtime, and how scary it is. the last chapter of the book still makes me cry every once in a while when a read it, even if i don't re-read the whole book.