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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park - i'm a fun of Austen's style, her simplicity, her humor, her flawed characters and the way she handles them with care and love- even the minor ones.it's a good story but not one of Austen's best. Fanny was a good, kind, sweet girl. in a way too good for her own good. she was good at reading pepole, accepting them for who they were (even when she chose not to befriend them), and yet, it was hard for me to relate to her- to believe such a good girl really exsited. i loved her, i loved her quite strengh. i appreciated and respected it, but it was hard to relate to her. she was quiet, and she wasn't much appreciated by her family- that made me want to scream sometimes! she eventually got her happy ending, though i still think the guy was the one who earned from the deal. In a way, Fanny represent a type of women that i learned to respect- women who accept their fate and place, that are true to themselves, that tries their best. that are quite- that don't need to be a hero, or prove something. but in their quite, kind way are proved as strong. because sometimes pushing bounderies and limits is easier then being quite and kind and try you best in those limits.in a way it was some sort of a cinderella story. i just like her other stories better.