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Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov, Craig Raine i love Nabokov writing style- it's amazing, so beautifull and the only reason why i was able to read the book. For that I should give it a 5 stars. the thing is- The story is aweful, and after seeing so many ravishing reviews I can't bring myself to give it 5 stars when the content is what it is. yes, a story doesn't have to be good (talking about good MC and heroic story), the main character dowsn't have to be likeable. many times more, a story should make you feel shivers, cold, to open your eyes to some sort of reality you prefered not to see. A great author would use a story to challenge your beliefes, and Nabokov achieved all that and more. and yet, I can't bring myself to give it 5 stars because despite all it's QUALITY (that I state each and every time I speak with someone on the book) I need to show that I wasn't fooled. and that for Dolores it was an expirence that destroyed her life, I need to show that I'm aware. and that 1 star represent exactly that for me.I hated the story, the self justified humbert that at first hides the monster he is. the way he tried to describe his sick attraction to Dolores as love i felt chills. i wasn't fooled. when he described Dolores and him as a happy couple, pretending she had the power in their relationship. i wasn't fooled. i wanted to know how she felt. her contempt was clear, the fact that she was scared, was clear. Nabokov really is a genius creating a charcter like humbert, that's able to fool many pepole including himself- with sobs and pity stories, regrets, self justification, and blaming- as if it was she that tempted him! i cried, hurt and was scared for Dolores. i remember how horrified i was when he played with thought of getting her pregnent so she could give birth to a new Lolita for him. i hate this books, it makes me cold, afraid, sending chills of disgust. but the writing, oh, the writing...it's glorious. and Nabokov is a master at deception, humbert is so vivid, so real, it's terrifing.