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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 1)

Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris i read this book a couple of times. the first time- i was a teenager in the middle of the twilight books buzz around me. i wasn't intresred in twilight, but i was intrested in vampires. and it delivered that. the second time was recently. i'm a fan of True Blood series. i love Eric. but recently, the series has taken a turn. and curious little me needed to know whether that also happens in the books, so i started reading the books. i still don't have the answer for that, but i do have opinion of the books. Harris writes ok. it's not excellent, but it's easy to read. Sookie is at times annoying, sometimes funny, and it's good. she makes mistakes. Bill, i don't know- something about him always feels wrong to me. Eric- the sexy son of a b*tch. i l-o-v-e him. really, it's love at first sight and read. and the sex is always nice.this book isn't bad, it's just that in this genre there are better. it's a light read, an enjoyable one. but that depends on what you're searching for- if you are searching for an ass-kicking, strong willed, sharped tongue heroine- the kind that when she doesn't get what she wants the nice way will use her fists, then Sookie is not for you. if you're looking for a woman who uses her charm to get what she wants, a not so ordinary girl that discovers she ain't ordinary at all- then go for Sookie. she's a waitress, a mind-reader and she doesn't apollogize about it. she ain't some big shot, but that's what i like about her.now the ball is in your hand...