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-Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

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Romeo and Juliet (Folger Shakespeare Library)

Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare it's a sad story. but that's not what's bothering me. well then, yes Juliet was young. no big deal, so she met a guy in party and when their glances met they knew they were meant to be. that's okay. some pepole are lucky, they find it- that legendary, hollywoodic thing called loved at first sight. but, whenever i read this, i feel like it's dragging on and on while it could be shorter. and still, that's okay. what i don't understand is our culture! i mean, what's wrong with us? why so many couples like to compare themselves to Romeo and Juliet? huh? pepole they DIED in the end!!! they weren't lucky in love, they were two rebelious teenagers that thought that the best way to rebel their parents is falling in love with the enemy. and shouting, screaming, yelling, and threatening is not a way to get what you want. going behind your parents back isn't a way either. i'm sorry, but they were stupid, and any couple who likes to think of themselves like a modern Romeo & Juliet is also stupid. this play is a demonstration to how instead of forcing your child to marry the enemy's child so you can make peace, you are lucky enough so you don't have to force them, but you prefer to keep being in a war.now, for another thing- the real story, not the play but the two young lovers that Romeo and Juliet are based on. their story is a bit different. and i'm sorry for them. because fate really was against them and their families weren't even enemies. now, this is a sad story and not about the stupidity of humans but about being unlucky.